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Jack of Trades Productions is the entertainment agency that gives back.  Through this business I have created the Jack of Hearts Program, whereby 5% of every dollar spent with Jack of Trades goes to hire one of my local performers to put on a show for at-risk youth in the Greater Cleveland area.

The performer then talks to the kids about developing a working life in the entertainment field, building a career out of doing what they love, bringing joy into the lives of others and the unique opportunities afforded to them as an entertainer.  The Jack of Hearts Program seeks to expose children to the option of performing and creating as an alternative to the status quo of inner-city life.

I am proud to announce that we are now operating along with the brilliant work being done by Brick City Theatre, an educational outreach program of the Cleveland Public Theatre.

I created Jack of Hearts to benefit everyone involved, so I do not ask my performers to donate their time--I pay them out of the proceeds from my company to help fund and support the efforts of local artists.  When you do business with Jack of Trades Productions, know that you are helping to support the local performance community and provide children with an experience of inspiration and enlightenment.

Featured below are pictures of Matt Neidermeyer entertaining and teaching the Brick City Theatre children at the latest Jack of Hearts performance:

Matt Neidermeyer at Brick City
Matt Neidermeyer Performing at Brick City
Matt Neidermeyer Teaching at Brick City

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